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Since the founding of the Settimane Musicali of Ascona in 1946 the event represents a recurring and very much appreciated date on the annual events calendar and therefore has become an integral part of the traditions and the music entertainment panorama of the Lake Maggiore region especially and the Canton of Ticino in general. A reference point for all classical music lovers – both residents and visitors to the region – as well as a major event which enriches the list of entertainments taking place on the shores of Lake Maggiore.


Starting with the 2013 edition the event will be presented in a new form, following an innovative vision for what has become an important element for expressing the culture and  traditions of our region at its best, however, at the same time, without losing focus on the original purpose. The role of the event is furthermore intended as a promotional instrument, an occasion to raise the visibility of the holiday destination and sustain tourism growth besides offering the pure enjoyment of music. As in fact almost all the most famous classical musicians in the world have performed in Ascona at least once, some indeed have returned several times, the new vision foresees the application of the same formula with regard to the classic music lovers and the top classical music performers, both within and outside the boundaries of our region. The intention is to reach this goal by constantly questioning the expression of the event in the name of art and to search for new procedures as well as new communication types and channels in order to realize the vision of the Artistic Director Francesco Piemontesi – at the helm from 2013  – but also to satisfy the aspirations of the artists, the expectations of the public, the Friends of the Settimane Musicali (Amici delle Settimane Musicali) and obviously also the supporters of the event and, last but not least, our team. With that in mind it is important to underline the fact that the aim is to act with regard to the target audience of this event and  that there is no intention to modify the nature and content of the event. The Settimane Musicali present, and intent to continue to do so in the future, music performances meeting the highest international standards to a local, national and international audience, covering all ages. In this context the strategy of the Tourist Office Ente Turistico Lago Maggiore is also based on the revaluation and the rediscovery of cultural-tourism locations and contexts on which the melodies of the Settimane Musicali are based and further whishes to  highlight  the defining features of the event and to increase its competitiveness. This meaning a new image for a new beginning yet maintaining the path of quality which has characterized the evolution  and growth of this event over the past years. The constant search for quality reflects itself in the contents of the music and also in the service offered to our audience and the cooperation with our sponsors  (private, appraisal and foundations). The crucial support of these sponsors enables the financing of the event and guarantees continuation and constant progress.


Our Mission is to transform the Settimane Musicali of Ascona into an innovative and accessible festival, which promotes culture and music education to the attendants, both residents and visitors. A springboard for young musicians; an opportunity to present the excellence and the resources of the destination; a privileged showcase for Swiss Orchestras, hence the fortunate and prolific union with the Swiss Italian Orchestra, performing three concerts at the event every year; these are the features of an event wishing to present itself in a fresh but not inexperienced manner, connected to traditions but not conventional.

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Settimane Musicali di Ascona

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