77th edition 2022
16 September 2022

Piemontesi & Friends


Daniel Müller-Schott cello
Francesca Dego violine
Francesco Piemontesi piano

Week-end cameristico

Johannes Brahms

Scherzo dalla Sonata F.A.E. per violino e pianoforte
Minnelied op. 71: nr. 5
Wie Melodien zieht es mir per violoncello e pianoforte op. 105: nr. 1

Trio nr. 1 op. 8 in si minore

Just over two hours later, the same performers will appear together in a highly complex soundscape woven with storylines and melodies, like fine threads in a tapestry. On the bill is an energetic interpretation of Brahms’ Trio Op. 8 , a disconcerting piece written by the romantic genius at the age of 20 during a stay with the Deichmann family. You imagine him as a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes matching the clear northern sky, before he grew the long white beard that would give him such an austere appearance in later life. And then the nocturnal atmospheres of the Scherzo and the intrepid, tormented finale wash over you, creating an experience that will remain in your memory for a long time.


Daniel Müller-Schott

Francesca Dego

Francesco Piemontesi

Francesco Piemontesi

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