Nestled in a suggestive sunny bay, the village of Ascona is considered the “Pearl of Lake Maggiore” and one of the most refined and elegant resorts in Switzerland. Five-star hotels, classy restaurants and the 18-hole golf course, embedded in magnificent surroundings, stand for exclusive holidays. You will be fascinated by the old part of town with an intertwined network of alleys, squares and cobblestone streets which lead to the Piazza, the promenade along the lake, which hosts a series of events, markets and festivals, the most world-famous being the New Orleans Jazz Festival.


Recognised worldwide for its Film Festival, Locarno has also a strong relationship with flowers, the beautiful Camellias in particular attract many visitors. The Piazza Grande, with the typical arcades, is one of the most famous squares in Switzerland. This is the meeting place as well as the heart of the town and the main commercial and cultural activities take place here; the weekly market on Thursdays, the Moon & Stars concerts and the open air film projections during the Film Festival. Going back to the Roman times, this square has been a strategically and commercially important place. There are various witnesses of the past, as for example the sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso, the Visconteo Castle with the “Rivellino”, a bulwark, attested as a Leonardo da Vinci work and the picturesque old town.


Brissago is a small village close to the Italian border perched between the shores of Lake Maggiore and the steep mountains rising behind the village centre. There are several characteristic hamlets, scattered along the mountainsides, from where you enjoy a breathtaking 180° view. The name Brissago is also often connected with two structures of major importance: first, the islands, of which one hosts the cantonal botanic garden and secondly the Tobacco Factory, renowned for the production of high quality cigars. Ronco s/Ascona is a picturesque village on the hillside. The architectural and artistic beauties of the village centre go back to the Middle Ages.


The Riviera del Gambarogno is a world of its own. On the left side of the Lago Maggiore –from Contone to the Italian-Swiss border – nature unveils a wealth of treasure: just look at the glistening lake, the Lago Maggiore, the soft hills, and enjoy the sight of the most fascinating mountains. Near Vairano, at the Botanical Garden of Gambarogno, located between the lake and the mountains, there is a world of traditions and mysterious scents, and the panoramic view is overwhelming. Two hundred kilometres of hiking trails wind along the mountains and valley of the Gambarogno, cutting through chestnut woods, crossing meadows that are like giant flower beds, and here and there you will find an Alpine farmhouse.


The Centovalli is named a hundred valleys because of the countless side valleys leaving the main valley to the left and right. It is an important transit route between Switzerland and Italy. Its natural scenery, of outstanding beauty, offers nature- and hiking friends a wide range of recreational activities. The many villages, which you pass by, while travelling through the Centovalli, allow you to discover many characteristic corners, where traditions of the past are still lived. Verdasio, Rasa and Palagnedra are only a few of the small villages, enchanting in their simple and authentically beautiful way.

Valle Onsernone

The Valle Onsernone is one of the most impressive and mysterious valleys in Ticino. Characteristic are the thick forests, spectacular gorges and white water; this rather isolated place can be reached by a winding road. Along this road, which leads up to the village Spruga, there are some fantastic villages, built on sunny terraces with an interesting traditional architectural style. Numerous internationally renowned writers and artists of the past and present found and still find the Valle Onsernone the ideal place for inspiration, thanks to the extraordinary and up to this day intact natural and human surroundings.


The Valle Maggia is not just the longest and mostly spread out valley of the Italian part of Switzerland: it’s a fantastic alpine valley which has been modeled throughout the years by the clear waters of the river Maggia. The same generous river that during the summer time is specially appreciated for it’s refreshing powers. The side valleys Val Bavona, Val Lavizzara and Val Rovana increase the territory value with their spectacular mountains – an appealing attraction for excursionists and explorers. A magical atmosphere, surrounded by wild nature, water, stone, history and culture is the special ingredient added to the simple but just fantastic food offered at the numerous “grotti”. A destination which should be discovered and rediscovered the whole year round.

Valle Verzasca

“The heart of the river carries the magic of the Verzasca; never has an artist quite succeeded in catching this fascinating “green”…” The Verzasca Valley is without a doubt one of the Ticino valleys, which strongly reflects the past of the alpine region to the south of the Gotthard. An idyllic place surrounded by green landscapes but still only a few minutes drive to the town centre. Bellow the valley, on the lakeside, there is Tenero a small town with its own charm: the view on the lake, surrounded by the mountains, white sandy beaches, the renowned camping resorts of international standard, the National Junior Sports Academy and the surrounding landscape rich with vineyards.

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